Tired of soliciting family, friends and neighbors to buy over-priced popcorn, wrapping paper or king size candy bars?

Allow your loved ones to support you with something that will take second place, only to Girl Scout cookies, on the item list of “Can’t wait to receive” through fundraising!

Try selling a package of seasonings that will tantalize ones' taste buds & make them look like gourmet chefs. Who wouldn’t love an easy way to make homemade dessert with 3 ingredients, or whip up a scrumptious chip dip for the Sunday game? Spicy Chicks exquisite, easy dips and recipes are a sure way for your organization to make a profit, with ease.

Reasons to Raise Funds with Spicy Chicks…
1- Profit Margin, Profit Margin, Profit Margin: $2.25 per package of dip mix
2- Easy & Convenient: product individually bagged for customer
3- Inexpensive: support starts at $5.00
4- Versatile: serving suggestion & recipe ideas available 

100 kids sell 20 packages each = 2,000 packages
2,000 x $2.25 (organizations’ profit per package) = $4,500


Here’s how it works

Spicy Chicks will set up and provide refreshments at your organizations next meeting*, thus to introduce ourselves, taste some dips and recipes to be used in the fundraiser, as well as answer any possible questions. *only those organization seriously considering spicy chicks dips as a means of raising funds, and who have made prior arrangements with Spicy Chicks will receive refreshments.

No investment Required!...Full payment of total organization sales due, payable to Spicy Chicks, upon delivery of product.
▪ Members presale dips to family, friends, neighbors & co-workers of parents.
- $5.00 per dip mix package
- Customers pay for their preordered dip mix at time of order
Products Delivered to Organization individually bagged in Red Bags with Customers name on it, thus making delivery a snap.
Orders will be Filled & Delivered to Organization approximately 2 weeks
after orders are Received by Spicy Chicks.
- Upon Delivery to Organization, selling members simply deliver the preordered packages to their corresponding customers.
Organization receives profit immediately!
- Selling members collect $5.00/pkg & organization keeps $2.25/pkg
- Selling members turn in all received payments to Organization along with order form.
Organization simply writes 1 (one) check to Spicy Chicks
- Check due at time of delivery of dips to organization
- $2.75/pkg of preordered and delivered products
Order packets are provided for each selling member
- Any unused brochures should be returned to Spicy Chicks or a fee of $0.30/brochure will be charged to the organization running the fundraiser.


100 kids sell 20 packages each = 2,000 packages
2,000 x $2.25 (organizations’ profit per package) = $4,500